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Author: Ms. Doyle

4th class

School Garden

Brandon showing off the delicious potatoes from the school garden. Well done to Mary and some of the fourth class boys who worked in the

4th class

School Tour

Fourth class had a fantastic day visiting the Dundrody Famine Ship and Splashworld on their school tour. 

4th class

Circus Party!

We had a fantastic day learning circus skills in school this week. We practiced using the diabolo, juggling, spinning plates and twirling flower sticks. Some

4th class

Science Projects

We’ve been busy working on science projects this month. We worked in groups to research a topic and carry out an experiment. We then made

4th class

Budding Gardeners!

We recently visited the community garden to plant some sunflower seeds. We hope that they will be ready to take home before our summer holidays.