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Author: Ms. Walsh


Get planting

We decided to plant daffodils this month! Hopefully they will be in full bloom by spring! We will keep you posted on their progress 🙂


My Body

Through art, music and sensory play we learned the names of the different parts of our bodies! Why not test me at home to see


September Fun

We were all so excited to get back to school this year! We all settled in quickly and had great fun exploring the new equipment


Easter Bunnies

On Wednesday there was great fun and excitement as we went on our annual Easter Egg Hunt around the school grounds. Our preschoolers put their


Little chefs in the making!

We all had great fun on Pancake Tuesday making delicious pancakes. We had super little helpers on board to do some mixing, pouring, beating and


Birthday Celebrations

We could not let last month pass without mentioning our very special birthdays! Everyone had lots of fun celebrating with their friends 🙂 Happy Birthday


February Fun!

This month both classes have been extremely busy learning about people who help us in our community.  We had great fun pretending to go to