Confirmation Enrolment Form

*Details required for parish records.

Candidate’s First Name:


Candidate’s Surname:


Confirmation Name (if chosen):


Sponsor Name (if chosen):


Mother’s First and Maiden Name:


Father’s Full Name:


Home Address:


Parish of Baptism:


Date of Baptism or Date of Birth



*N.B. If Parish of Baptism is different from Bagenalstown Parish please send in a photocopy of Baptismal cert. Thank you.

Data Privacy Statement for the Sacrament of Confirmation Enrolment

The personal information that you provide, is to facilitate the celebration of this sacrament and will only be shared with the sacrament preparation team if your child was baptised in the Parish. The information gathered on this form will be entered onto a data base. Once the sacrament has been administered, the details are entered into the sacramental register which is retained as a permanent record. 

In the event that your child was baptised in a different parish, the Confirmation details of your child will be shared with that parish for inclusion in their sacramental register which is a permanent record.

This form will be retained for one year and then securely destroyed. For further information please see our Parish Data Privacy Notice.

The Confirmation candidate’s name, surname and sponsors name may also appear in the Mass booklet on Confirmation day.

I consent that our details can be passed on to the Parish for the purpose of the administration of the Sacrament of Confirmation Y N  

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