Lá le Pádraig!

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh go léir!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all! The boys dressed in green recently in honour of St. Patrick and also to raise money in support of Ukraine. Well done to all! 

Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine

This week’s “Gaeilgeoir” was Ryan Cummins due to his outstanding efforts to speak Irish at various times during the school day and for his astute observations and abilities to make connections between various aspects of the Gaeilge curriculum.  Ryan’s motivation and enthusiasm is tremendous. An-obair ar fad Ryan! 

Student of the Week

Pictured are: Michal Michalak, Saeed Ahmed and Ryan Cummins. Missing from photo is Thomas O’Rourke Byrne. These boys received the “Student of the Week” award during the month of March. Their engagement with schoolwork and consistent drive to continually improve upon their schoolwork, skills and development is commendable. They have also been very co-operative, helpful and shown great leadership and teamwork skills throughout various subjects and aspects of their curriculum. Well done boys! Lean leis an dea-oibre! 

Engineers Week

The boys in fifth class recently designed a “Light House Paper Circuit” using copper tape, a coin battery, LED, circuit template, lighthouse template and their colours. They each followed the procedure in a logical and efficient way in order to complete the project. Afterwards, some shared their experiences of visiting Hook Head Lighthouse, Co. Wexford and Poolbeg Lighthouse in  Dublin. It is incredible to think that many years ago a highly responsible man was employed to be the Lighthouse Keeper. Nowadays due to advances in technology this job is done through automation and robotics. The last Lighthouse Keeper in Ireland finished his job back in 2012. 


We, along with many other groups of people have been discussing the global issue of Climate Change and the repercussions that Climate Change is creating. The boys worked very hard in their groups on posters in order to promote positive climate action. Thanks to Robert and Thomas for  reminding our class to turn off lights when not in use and to recycle and put rubbish in our bin. 

World Book Day

On Thursday, March 3rd our whole school celebrated World Book Day and all things Reading! The effort the boys put in to dressing as their favourite book character was astounding. The characters were all amazing and competition for the best costume/character was fairly tight! James Bond (Daniel Gough) and Wally (Cillian Mara) stole the show in fifth class however! Well done boys!  It is so lovely to see the boys take the interest and time to read regularly and begin to familiarise themselves with different genres/types of reading i.e. recipes (procedural), novels and story-books (fiction/narrative), postcards and invitations (writing to socialise) and factual writing (informative). 

Visual Arts

Most recently we have been working on the fabric and fibre strand of the curriculum and crafts. The boys collectively have made over 100 pom-poms using wool and cardboard. Some of these pom-poms are going towards a Breast Cancer fundraiser, a very good cause. The boys are thoughtfully using the rest of the pom-poms to work on a surprise for the end of the month! Pictured are Carl Padilla and James Doyle Pender holding up the bags with the 100 patiently and intricately created pom-poms. Thanks again Boys!