This week St. Brigid’s celebrated Friendship week with a range of activities designed to explore what friendship is and how we can support and include everyone in school.

On Monday the boys discussed the key to friendship- what are the important qualities to being a good friend. They selected their own personal key to friendship and created a display for the corridor.

On Tuesday our Buddy Bench was unveiled! Thanks to the Lennon family for their generous donation which funded the bench. The buddy bench is a designated area in which children can go when they want someone to talk to or play with. It encourages the students to be supportive, kind, inclusive and to think of others. The colourful bench was an instant hit and Uno proved to be the most popular game!

On Wednesday the boys brought in joke books, took funny pictures, told funny stories and tried to do things to make people smile. It’s been a very positive week in the school with lots of fun, smiles and laughter.