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2nd class

Second/Third Class Sports Day

The boys in Second and Third class had their sports day on the 15th of June. Each team worked together to earn points at different

3rd class

Summer Fun

Today we got the chance to go to the outdoor swimming pool. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful facility on our door

3rd class

Wonderful Wildlife

We are so lucky that our school grounds supports a wide and varied array of plants and animals. The green spaces around the school provide

2nd class

School Trip

What an amazing day we all had at Lullymore. Between the mini golf, train ride, tour of the Bog of Allen, outdoor play area, indoor

2nd class

Sports Day

Second and third class had an absolutely fantastic day taking part in lots of different sport stations. From rugby to soccer, hopping through hoops and

3rd class

Clowning Around

We have some future ‘Ireland’s Got Talent’ contestants here in third class with so many new talents and skills being highlighted yesterday. We were so

3rd class

Europe Day Zoom Quiz

We were very excited to join many other schools for the Europe Day quiz. Some schools even joined from Spain, Greece and Romania. Each team

3rd class

Credit Union Quiz

We thoroughly enjoyed taking part in The Credit Union Schools Quiz that was virtual this year. There was a wide range of questions with every

3rd class

Cricket Blitz

After weeks of training, we had the opportunity to put all our hard work to the test. We had so much fun at the cricket